A new sound has emerged on the Americana music scene hailing from the mountains and plains of Northern Wyoming. Born in Kentucky, raised in Wyoming, Luke Bell’s music is shaped by his lineage of ranchers, tobacco farmers and ministers. This young singer/songwriter naturally brings us a blend of the old time blues/country sound and contemporary lyricism about poverty, loss, hardship, and redemption.

Bell’s journey begins as a troubled teenager in Cody Wyoming.  A clown, poor student and social oddball Bell sought refuge with the more accepting voices of Prine, Guthrie and Townes. He spent his summers living and working on his grandparent’s ranch. Without Internet, cellphones or television- he picked on his guitar and sorted through grandpa’s basement record collection of country classics like Jim Reeves, Hank Snow, Hanks Williams, and others.

After two years of college work with no plans in sight Bell picked up the guitar and wrote a song. One turned into two, three, four and five until soon Bell
found him-self emerged in a world of lyrics and melody. The illustrious, longwinded and loud young man soon realized that his greatest flaws as a youth bound to a desk chair or church pew may be strengths at a less confined location- the stage.
Bell found his first stage among the talented musicians of Laramie Wyoming
at the Buckhorn Bar. At the Buck’s Sunday Pickin Circle amongst the musicians,
cheap beer, barmaids, cowboys, and wild game mounts the aspiring songwriter felt
at home. Underage and armed with a homemade Canadian ID, Bell booked himself
gigs in the Laramie bars. Often these events ended in ejection for unruly behavior or
suspicion of the Canadian ID laminated to an old gift card. But, relentless in his love
for music, cheap beer, and a good spotlight Bell sang on.

On January 27th 2011 Bell turned 21, dropped out of school and moved to
Austin Texas 2 days later. His debut album self-titled “Luke Bell” was released in
spring of 2012 almost a year after his arrival. He now travels the country in his 95
Buick Lesabre with a trunk full of carpentry tools and his beloved guitar as
illustrious, longwinded and loud as ever.


A Modern Troubadour